• Garbage Post: Proverbs 30:2 Bread

    My brain matters but I feel far behind on what matters Forty laps after everyone left I’m getting started God do you help the simple minded, do you help those with bad timing, please Everyone is so organized, disorder is the only thing I have organized and consistent Swear you give blessings to me and… Continue reading

  • Silent Repair Aware

    She looks at me suspiciously when our routine changes My body dictates how and when I rest this season I want to be sleeping soundly like you Instead I’m totally scrambled and confused Explanations demanded I’m not feeling well honey I didn’t plan this Everything comes back to any change in the script means integration… Continue reading

  • Dying For Pie

    We have to move past this wall And it was cute for a while but our smiles have faded Night is catching up we don’t need to get stuck in the dark Here, I’ll lift you up and then you can help me climb Succeed We need to succeed this isn’t the place to lay… Continue reading

  • YU Greedy

    Enough for today, just enough I’m greedy, tomorrow needs me Hands full, and no one has promised more time Why waste it on rolling tired eyes, weary Everywhere but where I should be I’m greedy, tomorrow sees me And one day I won’t make it there Continue reading