Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Discredited Among Many

Repackaged unwanted and non-understood love to be returned and recycled for myself

If anyone doesn't understand it's okay I'm headed in a direction where I don't need companionship
Therefore my eyes rolls, talk short, ain't looking for attention, patience short
People love keeping each other from end goals and I've had enough
Sorry I'm not entertaining but to be fair building anything leeches is stressful
Who am I, nothing important and I'm leaning towards isolation for contemplation

Scratched records in our heads repeating similar grooves

Don't ask why I'm being silent as if I'm plotting suicide when I'm not speaking every second

Reflections in every decision and I'm deciding if these chest pains, empty wallet, and clinginess are worth biting sore tongue for better times

Shouldn't be a tense affair requesting silence, respect my losses, swear I'm getting what I deserve, half-hearted gifts

Fuck complaining, some days need good rain then, I expect figurative flowers yet receive bills

Underwater without gills, they swear allegiance to oil spills so slick yeah destructive.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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