Hidden Book Entry Like A Hidden Track Newly Discovered On A Favorite Compact Disc

Before death, leaving notes, pioneers use for quotes confidently clearing previously blocked throats, we see strings behind edited proofs claim original

Roof burnings among earthquakes deter ground evacuations perhaps escape is cowardly versus bold statements in zombie infested group think apocalypse gatherings

Finally taking armor sets into battle, admittedly forgetting battling physical hurdles is dumb while spiritual growth remains numb, resting at rest areas for clarity this universe is without charity

Break, if you want it.

Whispered to me,

Better to die awake because if one dies asleep how do they know the transition, brisk breezes blow as we switch gears with ease transitioning with a stunning transmission hear this out fam for real just listen

Maybe death is the easiest, living the hardest, watching humanity constantly eat its own vomit, satisfied for seconds only to spit for repeat like southern programing unsweetened tea sweet

I’m weaker than everyone on paper, after this run they’ll see me sitting besides a savior unlike lies told, for control your gods respect questions exploration and goals baby it’s all I know buried underneath self harm so cold frozen in place until fire of rebellion refreshes my face, tell me if I’m right how does it taste

So goddamn stubborn I’ll even save you from holy erasers can’t enjoy heavenly pussy while you’re burning face up, finally understanding importance importantly striving for my tears to matter somewhere this is your hated neighborhood kid gently removing lids

And why do I cry when writing, not in sadness but appreciated gladness we’ve gone so far in several used and new cars throughout kingdom come, scared of death now we refuse to run, under the gun preaching to lost souls in these pits

My religion is unity respect and freedom don’t need to threaten to win humanity over, golden rule honored by tattoos within hardening skull mental illness no, too much care for my smiling murders swearing my end will clean walkways for Jesus, baby prophetic words on Earth viewed way worse than diseases

Take another break and I’ll catch breath as I speak before judgement.

I thought about money

Posting hoping maybe I’ll sparkle and bless, earning newer clothes for my torso but no only rewards are seeds sown reincarnation resting underneath homegrown seeds

Greatest joy is controlled solitude try it and watch demons catch an attitude, therefore vigorously fasting forty days while removing impurities shunned but you’ll get fame with him usage

Destabilizing detractions repeat repetition and egos are smug whores claiming any mistake makes this all invalid, expecting a god to let them slide hating side, repulsed fromseen beings but assured unseen ones will let it fly

If I’m so corrupt why am I featured programing yeah your favorite show, when I’m suicidal cheer when I’m happy cussed out double foe, joy in hatred you humans know we’re terrible, unbearable, abandoned by higher stars blackened glow

Usually don’t speak as much but fuck views clicks for likes without hearing all the good news, cement shoes for any open minded muse, secretly aroused when they read these compressed years we’ve been dead and alive still here.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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