Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise


If we kiss behind these doors

I’ll want more

Like staying over

Cuddling through aggressive thunderstorms staying warm

Immature games

Never intended for lovers like us

Seriously serious

Dedicated, dependable

Hopefully you’ll enjoy a trial run

Purchase my full version

No annoying ads either way

Keys in our names hope where we decide to stay

Bring that intellect over

I’m thirsty for you inside and outside

Kissing four lips

Went to church tonight it’s called your house

I’m saved now

I believe in things unseen


I’ve opened doors that were sealed

Came to you fully genuine

Said it but actions proved sincere gentleman

Wherever I go they hope we fail

Hoping for a taste of poetic love from my notebooks

Up and down roller coaster love

Even though I know every turn it’s still incredible

Here I go again giving you the best that I got Anita

Are you jealous sweetie never be I see ya

Treat me correctly why would I stray

Pussy water on my lips when I’m in public

Fat bastard eating unable to get enough of it

Women flirting but refuse to read my verses

While I get messages in which you see every message purpose

Better be careful I’m studying joy

Inserted inside of you like glass dildo toys

Be assured I want more.

Partnership and intellectual perfume blooming in every room

Imagine my seductive eyes finding yours completely satisfied

I’ll ride in life double efforts after death using positive energy to ease any stress foolish enough to question

Notes taken baby yeah I don’t mind learning lessons earning points becoming a lifetime member of your lifetime lifeline

Welcomed exception among losers even when she’s mad hands held.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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