Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Held Hands In Heavy Rain

Don’t ask me to wait

Drop dead weight and hurry

Choose your destination

Unpleased procrastination

Candle lives lost tossed away

Sky wonders ignoring down to surface

Exactly what is this explain our purpose

Shouldn’t be nervous we’re safe

But waiting isn’t acceptable I’ve been holding back

Regarding building character are you another barrier

Timeline living not waiting for handouts thanksgiving

Work for working love outliving our fears

Bad times into good times liquor kisses after cheers

Promise land vision is yours becoming clear

Near or far I feel there will be more discovery

Curiosity called paths appear

Would you wait for indecisive angels or leap

Heavy rains flowing under eyelids during sleep

Stalled feet placing all we have in jeopardy

When it comes up switches apply to categories

Talk and walk or stay but please don’t stand in my way I’m being called

Movement finally energy infused enthralled.


Stay in immaturity but it’s a killer

Maturity and pain improves every vein flowing freely see me

Breaking down my own behavior

Called you inside my head be a great seasoned neighbor

Stairs or elevators we work to rise a level greater

Standing still is great for breaks and unchecked birth of heartaches

Regrets kill more people than people

Past a deadly invasive weapon insecurities evil

Quicksand minds get left unless upheaval

Worst enemy own mind exploiting weaknesses at all times

Don’t stay spiritually blind apply protection

Will I stay stagnant still silly waste of investments

Talents buried under death and who would hide a light under paper

Far from extinguished grease fire water

Cold turkey quit antidepressant at least I’ll be awake when slaughtered

Don’t ask me to wait until it’s too late like you.


We always wait until critical stage

Look around after bridges are decayed

Is it too late to repair now I get it

Should have done it earlier but I didn’t feel like it oh forget this

Too scared visiting dark places fear laughs

Riding around with an unknown mental passenger in mind’s back

Why how does my enemy know every place I’m at

Weaknesses slapped my face in sleep woke up couldn’t relax

Responsibilities increasing plus I gotta pay this tax

Better keeping moving

Don’t ask why I can’t wait

Staying still I’ll remember this is all fake

Temporary passwords.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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