Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Smear Campaign After Breaking

Tell everyone I said awful things to you.

Whatever it takes to hide the truth.

All. All is my fault.

Expose my mistakes, keeping yours covered.

She’ll tell everyone she knows I’m a bitter bastard bitch.

Years together and I’ve never been good.

Whatever it takes to date denial.

Y’all marry, go hang out hand out to handouts.

But I’m done. Gotta say this face to face before I’m lost.


Tell your family and friends it’s all me

Say I’m blaming you when you did everything you could

Fucking liar. Hey whatever keeps you innocent.

Whatever keeps you blameless.

Tell everyone I’m a loser unwilling to be your friend.

Don’t tell them how you turned and turn away those stalled hands.

Say fear is more important than actually doing anything and I’m an asshole because I didn’t want to give anymore.


Pretending the weight of additional people on a bad back is justified so loneliness won’t come. Oh my, I prefer loneliness to being used. Watch how they smile while accounts and feelings empty until completion. Boredom chants arise. Let’s go somewhere else and be distracted from responsibility and effort.

Saying I can’t do that! Something may happen! I cannot move and you are a dictator in evil asking for participation instead of bringing alms here!


Whatever it takes to date denial.

Y’all marry, go hang out hand out to handouts.

Or are you saying your presence should be sufficient payment?

5 responses to “Smear Campaign After Breaking”

    1. 🙂 thanks for reading.

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      1. No problem. Your poetry makes for fine reading! 👍🖤


      2. Well thank you. That means a lot to me and I enjoy your writing as well.

        Liked by 1 person

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