Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Returning Queen

Eyes meeting tonight

Our bed is going to break

I’ll make sure your panties are too wet to wear

I’m a hungry man and your lips are the meal I’ve been salivating for thought after thought

You will never forget my face and taste

Moaning for you, for only, you.

I’ll be thrusting into you inside my head

Loving the sounds you make without restraint

When our eyes meet, so will our lips

Rhythmic hips

Crave, crave, please.

Most sexual things far from sexual

Laughing, smiling, cuddling, talking

Grabbing ass while walking adding up to holding your beautiful head while looking into your eyes surprised like this was the second kiss returned

More than physical delights, complete package bright completely approved, even angry, I’m moved, somehow attraction approved

I show emotionally how I feel and here is some physical proof only you experience, only you have, because of who you are like when I was younger believing in stars, so hooked.

Tonight, don’t plan on sleeping too long

Go ahead get a change of sheets ready, cold water on standby, two towels, three fans

Until we can’t anymore.

Crave, crave, please.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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