Misty Downtowner

Pushing her hands away

Refusing to let them stay

She’ll just change her mind.

After fanfare

Speeches none can bare

Nothing will ever come from her clouds.

Swear she’ll love without breaks

Fix all yeah any mistakes

Only to roll her eyes away

Bring them back leaving a nasty taste

Where affection and respect previously stood.


Shouldn’t look in her direction

Dangerous stretch

Narrow lanes

Busted traffic lights playing games.

Always road work

Newborn potholes every day

Don’t crash don’t sleep

Stay alert or defeat.

Scenery alive

Unfortunately it’s a bad ride

On any lane

Ghost her then take a train.

Yeah disappear

She holds nothing dear

Well just her reasons

Her reasons ride

On pillows of air.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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