Fainting Cares


In themselves, hands break.

Longing for reconnection is a mistake.

Play for one, life for the other.

Harden my heart from, falling deeply in what appears to be paradise.

Twinkling dead-ends to stay away from.

Wonderful but inadequate, insufficient, bursts of light then death.

Cutting away, feelings for anyone unwilling to cross bridges.


Shall I scream?!

Cry names until I’m empty?

Demons want to be wanted.

Pedestal accepting praise only to move on.

Foolish trust placed in, breakable hands.

You’ll bleed and sacrifice for fainting cares.


Sacrifice after sacrifice, give your life, for what, whom?

Ghosts who slip away in the night without saying goodbye.

Rope defeated when needed most.

Our pillows swollen, eyes beaten by emotions.

Cry, then clean our faces, pretend it’s all good now.

Slash into one’s own skin, then pretend it was necessary.

Because we’re not sure if God is listening anymore.

Pray and hope he’ll snatch a lost cause from unforgiving suffering.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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