Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Dirty Razor On 25th Street

Sat in the driver’s side with thoughts of pulling triggers

Planned a single gunshot wound to myself with an exhale like it’s done my…

Enemy in me relentless regarding seeking my submission

Just two days ago he tried to lock me in my own prison

Saw a tall brick wall with my shaking right foot on the gas

Thoughts of second gear making suffering end fast


It isn’t a friendly suggestion from a friendly place

Whispering nothing will ever get better close your case

Demons studying like a doctorate is a first-grade holiday

Constantly whispering isn’t life pointless try suicide today

Smile all around town then go home carve regret

Underneath my clothes leaving undergarments blood wet

Finally away from the razor of despair

Unfortunately it still exists praying a bad day will make care less

We carelessly agree to our own deaths.

Potential so bright enemies attack at birth

Possibilities to shake the world so they want to strike first

If you disappear who will make a change

Must be something in you making your enemies afraid

Why else do they laugh when you are depressed

Angry as hell when you’re feeling your best

Fighting against unseen ropes and they would love if you’d hang yourself unable to cope.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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