Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Water Casket

You don’t know how I drowned waiting for an impossible daydream in you

Feelings for a fleeting spirit murdered my life

Upside down in my clear casket, removed from all you’ll do somewhere else with someone else

Ask Heaven if I tried

Tried to shake chains hotter than the sun above

Chains that were your gentle hands once

These days a curse, while you continue on freely, unattached

Angels hear me choke swallowing nails of tears

Swept by currents called emotions

I invested all my care into a cup without a bottom distracted by what could be while creating a mess in my heart

And as my reward, I’ll never be who was

Surely, surely these tears have to stop

If not, may God wipe the blinding tears of a fool away

Shouldn’t have loved as much as I loved, these chains won’t break.

Missing pieces of me will be found in you

Stolen, undervalued

Yet it is better to be underwater than with her

Water knows what to do

No excuses as it moves within me until it is through

Nothing will stop the decisions it has made

It is not fickle and it’s decisions are not in fear

To all of the words I’ve typed then deleted

While she swore I didn’t want to talk or have anything to say

In the background weeping bitterly

Remind this heart to rest in peace.

hands above water
Photo by Arun Kr on Pexels.com

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