Placed in cold places to magnify a holy upcoming

Best coat, brutal temperatures, eyes forward

Underneath the vanity shown in gold freeways

Pretty decorations on the way to damnation

Saving souls snatching believers from dark sin hidden plantations without waiting, no need for hesitation

Roads leading to nightmares and suffering while being fed distractions meanwhile promises stay loading, afflictions thriving, exploding.


Just tell me what to do

Standing by without any direction, no potent clues

The brilliant bright concern in highlighted blues

I’m not playing around, relocated, unamused

Drugs and liquor prevented moves

Stuck in addition lost both shoes

Clean these days, waking up less confused

So many things to prove, finding my groove

Gotta break loose, these heavy chains will lose

I have a dream that I will be used

To bring life to some abused

Left for dead but quickened by the good news

Oh God just tell me what to do

Was sleeping and so confused

Placed in cold places, frozen, opposite of enthused


Within the light, I can move closer

Demons screaming suicide is great point-blank range, do it soldier

Wrestling with unseen foes

Bloody, throwing elbows

Future mockingly posing, spitting into eyes and down my throat

Sense of direction horrible

Need minute by minute navigation

Full assistance to your blessed destinations

Onlookers swear I’m touched with aberrations

Swear I need extra prayer and should save some, accumulation

I laugh at silly worldly allegations

Unless it’s you, I refuse the condemnation

I was dying Lord I need some confirmation

A sneak peek into Heaven’s decorations

Holy Spirit life approved elevation

Humbleness instead of unholy humiliation

The best arms, smiling faces, patiently waiting

Jesus Christ approved foundations

Boy I’m on to something this will be a sensation

Even if only to one, above I’ll give praise, celebration

Edmond has ceased his foolishness no desecration

Seeking spiritual waters for edification

An example of a wretched man with illustrations

Transforming by grace, mercy, and long-suffering illumination

Refusing this world’s flawed wisdom and rampant misinformation.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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