Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Planter Prayer

In the ocean where no one sees

May I trust even surrounded by seas,

No telling where life will take me

Praying earnestly for more belief,

Perceiving moving winds inside

There is more to life than being alive,

Even if I walk alone and unheard

By man, still, I know you hear every word,

And the approval I almost died for

I leave renounced abandoned on a hardwood floor,

Envelope sealed tight with all my tears

Sent to the whole world as seeds to reduce fears,

I’ll continue to plant with hopes fellow humans will give birth to peace

I’ll continue to smile and be filled with joy wishing every chain becomes weak,

We’ve been deceived so long lashes from the enemy seem

Like a fact of life, though in truth it is all profane yea spiritually obscene,

I pray we all get right and washed clean.

In the United Kingdom and the United States

In South Africa and India always,

In Russia and in Australia too,

Asia, Mexico, Canada, and Taiwan be moved,

I don’t care where you rest your head

I want a light for you in life, be blessed,

Even if I just get through to one citizen

May they spread good tidings to all kin,

And I feel, unity is way overdue

Their labels, their distractions, don’t have us fooled,

Healing is moving toward us open minds have room

I join Switchfoot in daring you to move.

Planting trees, they’ll grow and you’ll believe, hearing birds sing praise on our darkest days

Living in, a world tossed about by lies and sin, may we be purified refusing to give in

Planting holy seeds, breathe and read, believe.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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