We Hug In Spirit

Promise you won’t leave

Say, staying will be easy

All before you intended well

Dragged my open heart through Hell

Please, don’t be the same

I’m tired of these cruel games

Say and show you’ll be the one

Prove it with every rise of the sun

Behold, all is yours if you give all too

Pour my abundant love in your life

Without measure so you’ll know better when doubts come

Unlike the fearful, you’ll choose to be bold

From this day forward, forward

Won’t let you go, won’t ruin gold

Won’t mistreat, the woman I dream of every time I sleep

So promise with your body, mind, and soul

I do, I’ll do the same and it’ll remain true

Reading our words in visions like scriptures, rebuking anything else.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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