Poems Are Not For Liars

I should lie in every poem you read.

It’s hard to see my raw feelings spilled on a lonely screen.

Of course I understand, refuse to read yours because I’ll just sit and cry.

You probably do the same.

We were wonderful friends but I wanted more, that’s when we climbed out of love.

Climbed out of love.


What is my favor to anyone wishing for someone or something else?



This isn’t where you want to be and never has been it shows.

Crawling around trying to dodge Cupid’s arrows oh no.

That pleasurable sting only turns into hurt after a while.

Prove me wrong.

Yeah, I admit I’m scared of anyone who says they’ll stay.

They’ll hold me and fall, only to climb out of love.

Climb out.


Leave me looking for an escape.

Rope burning my hands raw oh God how much more shall I take of this suffering I chose to carry?

I chose.

I should lie, pretend I’m flying with whole wings but they are not.

Lovers opened fire and exposed my wings and I got dropped.

Can anyone breathe?


Anyone want to receive my waiting arms without doubts?

They say wait outside in the cold, they’ll be back before I’m too old.

Then, trees and birds singing love songs fall away.

I should lie dying in a private space, hiding my disheartened face.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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