Eliminating Stained Bandages

My silence has spoken closing doors I left open hoping you’d follow me.

I was mistaken rules aren’t made to be broken especially when trespassing leaves me weak.

I pray in poetry pray in thick tears those who need cleansing hear.

For we are the same almost fully depleted from shame finally purifying and coming near.

So who am I and what was I on to demand anyone love my troubled sea?

I’ll let my silence be spoken while replacing door locks we’ve broken coping incorrectly in fear.

Oh I shall receive by faith able to believe this day I don’t need to wave bye to my brain.

Put the gun down removing decorated poisons reprogramming that which I swore to delete.

I feel it working and days of poverty chains broken yeah all good spoken to be received.

Previously dependant on sweetheart comments and pendants dead to old acceptance needs.

Great is the power of lyrics flowing every hour reminding me how and when to breathe.


Oh, how things change.


I keep pouring words, over wounds, watching them shrink until healed.


Even if I sing to self the purpose is to the same

I look in the mirror forever changed

Forever changed

You’ll look in the mirror forever changed.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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