Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Various Whispers & Teachings Of The Deceiver

The enemy taught you well

And you believed

Without a single question, no rebuke

When did you start believing, you are a mistake?

They had me

Got me good

I was a child

They were up to no good in every neighborhood I entered

Spit on me

Sang I was ugly

Wasting their space

Smelled my seat

Hated my face

And somewhere along the line, I believed

Hung me daily, and I believed

Not even God almighty could stand the sight of me

The enemy smiles relieved.

The enemy

Uses anyone you love

Anyone you think highly of

To slap the Hell into you

If you knew your importance friend he’d be through

So yeah I understand cause they got me too

Beloved know that they all lied whatever they said isn’t true.

You didn’t walk with your head down like this all of your life

When did the demons come and steal your joy

Cussing the sky out because surely your birth was a mistake

Saying God is a liar and death is warm surely it’s cozy in a grave

The enemy taught us well

According to his schemes

And we believed

Without a single question, no rebuke

When did we start believing, we are mistakes

I cry thinking of you dying

Weep bitterly feeling your pain

I’ve seen those scars before

Similar ones cross my veins.

Come back.

adult alone black and white blur
Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

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