Crisp Clean Water Possibilities

Possibility looks good in you

Daydreaming of us winning in two

Becoming one fighting back to back

Butterflies and birds sing without rest, I relax

Whenever you smile I’m motivated to do more

We can pray together yea find peace, refresh our cores

Poetry spitting blessings over our heads

Light bright it’s illumination shining before and after bed

I’m seeking better than the world’s love which always ceases to function

Behold a love guided by proper instruction joyful and secure meetings holy junction

If you want me truly deeply do tell

You see how I’m being changed discharged from my cell

Even friends look strange asking can man obtain a new brain

Furthermore you sense love running through my veins

Always improvements yes work to do

Humbleness mercy and grace to see it through

Bragging unnecessary because you’ve already sensed

With me, you can open your gates plus eliminate your fence

Around each other, the enemy is defeated chains broken

Why are you troubled isn’t this what you’ve always wanted

While they say that boy on weed again

You know I’m clean with a higher spirit within

Possibilities look good in you.

So many liars and weak people before I came

Take your time and test my heart, find I don’t play mind or heart games.

Surely something unique in these brown eyes testifying I’ll try and succeed

The first time you see me smile, energy and chemicals dance enhanced we’ll advance

Plans carefully made intelligence stimulated bet you’ll be satisfied and glad you’ve waited

I’ll post kind enduring posts, never roasts, thanksgiving toasts, fear deceased faded ghost, I can tell this will host, pure affection

Resurrection to the love you had before securing multiple locks to your heart’s door

Curious about your soul curious about your mind I’ve praying to get to know you patiently, rejoicing standing by



Proper treatment over lip service and sacrifice, parched heart blessed with cold water and chilling ice

Look at you funny when asked why I care, good stirs within your members sent by a perfect sender although I understand life can feel the opposite, a high setting on a blender

Oh how I write below your radar, under your perception, but at the right time you’ll uncover my deep affection growing hourly

Clock tallying building devotion wherever we happen to be with an end goal of us living together cheerfully saying we

Mighty mighty possibilities.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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