Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Black Candles In Wilderness

Ran to what I thought was light.

Found my favorite tree covered in darkness.

Where do you go in the dark without the moon?

Valley low and I reached out with shaky hands.

Thought I would bring someone to help but the joke was on me.

Can I please sit down somewhere and catch my breath before I leave?

Protecting my heart with melee weapons.

Been careless too many times so they’ll be no second guessing out here.

In the wilderness wrestling every fear I fear.

Came in alone without direction.

Walked alone and got hit at every intersection.

Die alone because who wants to join loss?

Gotta shed my cares and loving thoughts.

Talk to self until sunshine.

Before I go back correct my view of time.

Put my mask back on what was I thinking?!

Gas of fickle interaction lurking causing eyes to quit blinking.

Darkness exposed what I couldn’t see in light.


Time out corner

Don’t come out

Until you are dead to yourself

Go ahead.



Break every finger and hope.

Bounce into uppercuts against the rope.


I’ll be back.

Destruction must occur if he needs this land to build something greater.

I’ll kneel.

Fate far from sealed.

Have you ever ran towards people and things you thought were light?

Found out very quickly that good wasn’t going to happen that night?

Or week, month, year, lifetime?

Don’t be ashamed.

Destruction must occur if he needs your land to build something greater.

tealight candle on human palms
Photo by Dhivakaran S on Pexels.com

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