Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Garbage Post: Library Blindness

In a giant library

Unknown book

Hidden hooks

Served with napkins captain I

For your eyes

Be pleasantly surprised

As we fly together

Searching for forever

Knowing it’ll get better

After brief turbulence

We can feel something moving in page waters

Chapter after passage after verse broken curse

Godsends prayers about to be released

Those who sleep on us cannot rest let ’em sleep

Chances of being selected pathetic

A gently whisper begins a fire shortly we’ll be recommended

You smell the storm just before it hits

In an advanced library not to be missed

Word upon word


Souls thirsty for anything but freshwater

Chemicals ingested but our servings don’t poison we speak life no slaughter

Bookmark and highlighter worthy

Sadly they’ve been eating garbage unable to digest better

Taste buds on a starvation mindset

Brother, we keep placing food out but they won’t eat

Momma, we serve them but they rather eat raw sewage treats

Brokenhearted as another day passes watching zombies convert masses

We scream no then leave before being bitten

Ungodly men walking dead as well distributing hell

Undead rocking to base desires only responding to dinner bells

Our work, our labor, our charge, our weapons

Before we lay down ignite lyrical bombs

Alert the enemy with troops he’ll come and see then boom spirit and body free

Making a path for Psalms of David to cure those able to be redeemed

Deception deceptive

Sticky web with glitter promising knowledge in a polluted river

Come hither come hither and drink a better water

Our hands writing but we are vessels for the true author

Word upon word

Carried by the wind on songs of birds

Giant library.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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