Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Anniversary Skydiving

Pretty bags I had for you, destroyed

All the care I wrapped beautifully, destroyed

Watching my hopes crumble to give way for something else

Hurts right now but a better sunrise will appear

Electronic guitar solo bringing in transparency without fear

This could be the exit I’ve always needed

Even as I feel completely overthrown yeah defeated

On the surface looks like all my blessings are dead or depleted

Still, the story continues

And still, the story is written

Who knows where I’ll end

Maybe I’ll keep running this race until I win.

I can stay in bed crying about her kiss

But tell me crystal ball who will I miss

These lies of being unworthy of another chance must die

Heavy hearts gain twenty tons I swear

Possibilities and probabilities taking turns smacking my face

Will I lay down and die right here no no

This isn’t the only bed on Earth and death is a no go

Surely, these temporary wounds will heal

If I may, ask for a quick hug from God in the light

After he puts me back together tonight.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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