Darkened Bench

Bright lamps at night failed one by one

I was in the middle of a race keeping a good pace

Then I tripped and fell on an unidentified thought

Instead of getting up, I sat and looked around while every light I knew went out

So I got up and sat on a bench in complete darkness waiting for any light to return



Echo chamber torture

Separation silence

Weaknesses yelling directly into my ears

Pondering a drive around town to clear my head but I don’t have a destination able to take these weights upon me away in the night’s wind

Loneliness isn’t an empty bed

It’s a fully packed head with nothing useful

Tape running nonsense commentary so I can’t hear anything but false coordinates

On a bench waiting for the light to come back with no idea if it will

Branches bare

Hourglass mocking every day I live without peace of mind

Will I display fruit or run in vain

Help others along but die in place



I don’t want to stay in bed or leave

Post a poem, cry, then listen as my heart bleeds

Feel entirely foolish going to God for any need


His arms folded

Stern face

All lies

Still, it takes shape

His full character unknown deceptions taking truth’s place

There’s something off but it cannot be seen

Feeling powerless, yeah I am, but you know what I mean

The horror of drifting at sea in an area his eyes ignore on purpose

Flunked another test doing much disservice

Unseasoned salt cast out as it’s worthless

On a bench in the dark Son unable to surface.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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