Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

New Wineskin

At first I thought his smile was sinister

Watching me call out for help

Splashing and punching water asking how can he just sit there while I perish

I see signs that my foolishness is breeding in an unchecked corner

Guess the plan is to wait until I stop fighting and then he’ll reveal what I’ll become.

Dying to self isn’t supposed to feel like colored roses and heavenly kisses

At work wanting to hide until the process is complete but no I’ll be humbled everywhere

To prove I’m still looking straight ahead and not on things above

Surely I can yell I quit only to start over again

Forward or back to level one but I want to be more effective than a baby.

Cry bitterly but stay on course.

Beat your chest but lay in your coffin.

Ask why but don’t expect any words, you’re dying.

In your grave, be still and know who is in control.

Speaking to me through my mouth.

One day I’ll be grateful but not today, not today.


Be afflicted


Master, carest not that I’m perishing?

He just smiles

MASTER, carest not that I’m perishing?

He just smiles

Cries in joy while watching me drown.

2 responses to “New Wineskin”

  1. Another masterpiece, brother.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you believe so brother and again, I thank you for reading and commenting.


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