Twenty Three Doors Then One

Last twenty four

Only I know it

No need for panic

And I’m going home

Before I go

Hand out last moments


Last twenty four.

Will you be mad I didn’t tell

We’re all to speculate there’s no tomorrow

So if you miss your chance

Shall you blame me

We choose how to spend our time

And most choose distance

Wipe your tears

Watch the sky in my arms

Don’t dare say you wish for former days

Because you’d only repeat them

Apply this lesson

Before your last twenty four.

And to all of those I forgot

Sorry I failed

Sorry I didn’t tell how much I loved you

Mother, I failed

So if I die alone

Well, I better not complain

Beautiful sunrise

Wonderful sunset

Happy for whatever I get.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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