Plants That Die After A Day

Changing my prayer,

From wanting to be with you,

Asking for cleansing instead,

Remove my desires of this connection,

Because I don’t want to waste any time,

I don’t want to wear a dunce hat around town,

Filling my heart with air,

For someone not equipped or prepared to try.

I think I’m holding on to a lost cause.

Please help me look away from this pretty distraction.

Tear down the pictures of us I have kept in my mind.

Strengthen me so I can delete every picture previously adored.

Because I think I’m holding on to a lost cause like a fool.

Caring more than I should.

I hate giving my effort and time to the wind.

Please empower me to look away with frigid eyes and a detached heart.

Seems so bad to ask but I think I’m lost,

Hanging onto an arm that should be left alone and tossed,

Oh yeah I want her but that does not mean it’s meant to be,

Twisted in maybe I should wait or I’m late regarding setting this free,

God I don’t mean any disrespect please tell me what to do,

Guide me with your perfect wisdom as you see I’m so confused,

I’ve gone back and forth surely you’re the opposite of amused,

Is this a faith issue or am I wasting time?

I don’t want to be walking around twirling.

I don’t want to be waiting for someone who will never arrive.

Lip service.

Lip service.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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