Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise


I’ve got a problem, and it calls from within my head

Touching me where no one should when I’m weak

Standing by, watching me kill myself by pretending I need more than I do

Cracked dry hands holding my waist licking its wet greasy lips

A romance I don’t want but don’t resist at all, oh the shame


It says oh come around and I’ll ease your mind all day, all night

Surely you want me like I want you, can’t seem to keep me away

Edmond, you can have me anywhere at any time with haste

Taste buds galore and more aroused and waiting for the rush you’ll feel

Embrace, calculate the reward with a mighty zeal for my fingers around you

I bet you long for what I do when you rest in my grip


Licking the inner ear when it’s time to wake up, or go to bed

Groaning with heavy moaning as I whisper gently, you heard what I said

Please come to me, be weak, you’ll find your strength in my spell, don’t tell

We make love secretly but they’ll know eventually because you can’t hide my results

Bow a knee and let me take over

Give in, let me grasp a greater grip just dive in grab a satisfying dip and take an unauthorized trip


I’m trying to run but feel heavy weighed down by anvils in my back pockets, I’m being set up

Foaming at the mouth and in the mouth I’m getting wise to this manipulation always waiting to be stirred up

Taunting when my head is turned my legs do burn before I even think to look up I’m already under

A simple whisper gently nudge mild knocking elevated voice big shove hear it yelling under

My own voice as friendly as can be directing me asking me if a pinch will matter

A little more yeah just a spoon hey just a fork sir just a plate sir just a bowl hey just a bucket it won’t matter.

instant photo of a red neon sign
Photo by Bret Watkins on Pexels.com

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