Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

You Agree With Your Enemy In Battle

Threat silenced when it’s stuck in a corner in unbelief

Convince them power isn’t possible

Drain energy by accusing them of wasting resources

Yell you don’t deserve any air repeated until they believe it

Mission accomplished

Another neutralized target

Fear runs the mind’s prison

Have them all give their cell keys to the enemy within

Talking like you

Sounds exactly like you

I’ll tell you what I would do it says quit

Break you upon jagged rocks

Continuous judgments

Surely there was an error in your birth

As if the chances were meaningless but you acknowledge slim lottery odds

Cease believing every thought inside the battlefield

The more you matter the more you’re stripped

In the war inside it’s isolation effective in eliminating reinforcements

Don’t be

Don’t be deceived

The enemy cares telling you no one cares so you’ll remain frozen

The enemy is scared he cares to tell you that you don’t matter

And you agreed and agree

Not so

Have you ever heard them say he’s no threat

She’s under our propaganda successfully numb




What are you thinking about after reading this?

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