Barrel Down A Rocky Hill

It’s not enough until I’m exhausted, hanging by a thread almost dead

Hate the label the lazy, self deceived mind hazy, no results acting surprised

Clench my fists and resist any need for breaks gotta subtract rest

I’ve got to feel worthy, gotta feel accepted, gotta give more than I am requesting

Starting at self-hate in the mirror, you can do better, you can try harder

Failed everyone including the Almighty my father

Accusations from the accuser mixed with some truth

Faith without works is dead and when building muscle you can’t just lay in bed.


Break the shell of whom I was yesterday

Not good enough to even say, I tried enough, I gave it all

Abusing hours that add up oh I’m so spread out in what, vanity

Bring me back to basic humanity without wrapped insanity blowing kisses


Less talk

Fewer daydreams

Tired of hearing my promises watching these hands bury them in shallow ditches

Swinging my arms without any purpose

When will I train instead of waiting for magical rain to do it





Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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