Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Bright Blue Dark Dim Piano Keys

Sleep hid and I failed to search diligently

Caught up in odds, unmarked corridors

Where should I be, rapidly flashing question before my feet

Vigorously shaking off yearnings I have for anyone

Multi-tasking poorly, looking in any other direction than where I’m headed to

Drum, bass guitar, and piano in my head

Playing melodies as I disconnect from dread

Writing my soul out of pity pits, traps awaiting shaky leg days

Yeah, I feel a gentle tug, in a gentle stream, moving all along well

Wash me clean Lord, please, may joy come

Even when I’m not sure you have me, I’m glad to run this race under the sun

Electric guitar as I walk past walls I felt trapped behind

Sleep hid but I didn’t chase, was on a different case

Praying for guidance as I want to make it home

Saying I don’t want to hold any hands but feel strongly against being alone

God, I’m a mess, teach me how to be organized at once, please.

One response to “Bright Blue Dark Dim Piano Keys”

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