I’ll Never Reach Out To My Thoughts Of You

Sealed my feelings towards you

We don’t need it making a mess

Who am I to desire anyone while I’m working on how to live?

Sure I like you

Think you are beautiful inside and out

Would like to know you more

See what these butterflies in my heart are about

But risks are just too much to fight regarding love.

Sorry, I’m in unbelief

Don’t see how we can ever be

Not willing to try it’ll hurt me

I’d rather play what if,

In my bedroom with rain hiding loud sighs

Playing love songs swearing I’ve died.

How will I ever know if I don’t take a chance

Guess I’ll take the chance I’ll miss

Intimidation, fear, uncertainty

Can’t see clearly therefore I’ll stay home

Rather talk to you but it’s safer alone.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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