Mouth Germ Germs

Pleasing you is never ever worth the time

I make easy to read poems you laugh at every line

Say it’s elementary when they all rhyme

I switch it up then you say sense elusive and I’m blind

Exactly what do you hope to discover here hope to find

Just like the readers that like and never read

Or twitter followers that don’t follow how our pens bleed

Say you care deeply but don’t know what I write

Still asking if you can come over for an afternoon delight

The eye within you dark sadly without settings none bright

Say I’m mistaken and should pray for insight

Guess these wrongs will stay in place never get right.

And I’m too much for peace to start a silly fight.

Here we go with boy you think you’re better

Swear everything I do is cheesy mild sharp cheddar

How I miss the days of your perfume on a handwritten letter

I miss the texts, said you’d pray during turbulent weather

Now insults, I don’t fornicate getting my life together

So much for any kind of hope

Screaming she loved me better when I was depressed smoking dope

Can stand I don’t need vanity these days to cope

Then a few days later will you take me back I reply nope

Protection around might be needed plastic bubble Pope

Her emotions on an unreliable loosened short rope

Cleaning my life up bad breath cleansed mouth swishes courtesy of holy Scope yes.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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