Garbage Post: Neck Boots

Let our silence speak louder than they know, who are we, they don’t care.

Against your kingdom of self, does anyone have a chance?

Rules keeping feet on peaceful necks.


Go learn mercy,

Rise from the bath of tainted perfection,

If we can only be, half as good as you think,

Half as excellent,

Unwanted logic,

Excuses to have sex with pride and keep victimhood on the side.


Come to us and learn the perfect way to do as you will,

Told ,how it’s done properly under our shadow stars,

Pay no mind to distortions you’ll see,

Everyone has a better set of keys supposedly,

What doors does thou open unawares?


Belittling attacking

Watch crowds agree

Saying lights out for us

Lights out for thee

Let our outward silence speak

Louder than the ships of distraction’s fleet

Rules keeping boots on necks until all fall asleep.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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