In Ditch After Ditch

Contaminated mind slushy sludge

Items and people who don’t belong

Emotions are waves mixed with lies

They are vicious currents pulling us under

We may survive

Sure things are never sure

And loved ones may endure

They are just flesh and fickle pulls

Tugs tossed and tossing dashes

Only God remains the same over and under the sun.


Darkened clouds remind us of messes

Many created by our own untrustworthy hands

Throwing fists into brick walls won’t cause consequences to bend

Please purify unsound logic and wretched ways

Traction thought sound fumbled under feet

God watches and assists our jigsaw puzzles entirely incomplete

Troubling maze mentalities in surgery

We need guidance in every breath.


I can only speak for me

I need you, God, I do

Everyone else may have correct answers

I don’t, God, I don’t.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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