Garbage Post: Pernicious Waters

Do not be surprised as they shorten lives, get you indoors in isolation testing your eyes

Depression becomes a visitor you’ll recognize, behind many doors gnashing of teeth and bitter cries

Covering the mouth to show submission not to save life, erasing any opposition with headbutts heavy flashlights

Can you trust people caught fabricating distractions on a daily basis, throw bones to zombies highly contagious


Outrageous when you offer help death rewarded instead, and the members of one’s own household hands red

Putting the simple-minded to bed on needles depletion of unity, we can’t even agree on we the people about to stomp out devoted steeples

Fooling peoples people, fake christs and prophets showing signs while promoting blasphemous behavior distorted lines chains the proud wear around minds

And for fleeting power behind blackout curtains closed blinds, riches graves don’t acknowledge insignificant to eternal life


The beginning of sorrows diverse earthquakes and rumors of wars pestilence famines betrayal persecution by various swords

Only one who sees all knows exactly what to do through the valley of shadows his will never to be removed.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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