Dating Portrait

Desire placed in a wastebasket

When I walk away, I gain more

Reaching out for you is a potent repellent

No one wants to be wanted directly

Eyes roll, worldly relationships demand tolls

Standing back is the best, hi, how are

I suppose this is fishing

Hook, slack, reel, repeat

Think I’ll save my feet and walk alone

And some rules are ridiculous

Standing at this dance against the wall

Waiting for someone to approach

If you ask first it’s a sin

Now who told you confusion looks good

Faith without works is dead

Some of our lives are, accordingly

I’ve learned to drool over anyone is a waste

Not prideful in this, but I’m looking for better

And we’ll know because ungodly rules will melt

Worldly requirements will be clobbered

Time is always against us and windows close

Let’s pray about each other and advance.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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