Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Garbage Post: Let You Tell It

Since you already know who I am,

Already have me figured out,

Why try changing your mind?

Go ahead, just give me some winning lottery numbers before you go.

Nothing gets past you,

You know everything I am.

So why are you so angry I’m gone?

Didn’t you see it coming?


Crystal ball Pamela.

Guess you make mistakes too.

Let you tell it though.


It was my plan to waste time before approaching

Called loser friends to obtain coaching

Schemes and tricks loaded for rapid-fire

I desired wasting tears and energy

Talk to every strong pretty woman in an exact manner


Buy buckets of condoms closing blinds thinking God won’t see

Add chains swearing true love makes us free

Happy when you’re confused highly amused that’s how I be

Better than

Puffed chest, lost weight, brand new old man

Pedestal for me but you are a kickstand

Guide all women gently by hand into quicksand saying self-esteem dammed

Independence full ban


Spread lies like jelly on buttered toast Sundays

Mondays filled with crumbs I dump every which way

Say love then dodge incoming hugs

Haterade filled sport bottles and jugs

I hate anyone minus me mugs

Tell you to have a nice trip swipe nut lugs

Let you tell it.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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