When God Drives The Vehicle

Canceled plans

Long roads transformed into dead ends

Not the demise you’re thinking of

This is what I need

Death to distractions I’ve been in love with

This is what I need

Cleaning the inside and outside.


Shut my amusement park rides down, no pride.

Cleanse my heart, remove exits nearby.

Strip my feet no shoes no path in sight.

I’ve been asleep, abusing time.

Soften my heart I’m ready to try.

This is what I need to pass my old life.


Shut my plans down

I don’t need them

Don’t need to go where I used to

Don’t need it

Close those doors forever.


“…You know what I’m going through
I know this is true, ’cause You stood in my shoes…” – DC TALK “Mind’s Eye”

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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