Measuring Some Oil

Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks,

If I’m unable to stand,

Melted butter for feet and ashes for plans,

Back then forth on fickle sand


Cheers all fade,

Handshakes die,

Hope plays hidden object games,

Thoughts trap me in corners


I need to be clean,

I need to be stronger than I am,

My way isn’t working it’s so tiring, door closing before my face.


Who wants to be celebrated,

Rather be able to look at myself without gagging,

A bursting bank account cannot pay what I lack,

There’s not enough money in the world


Seen best friends rip one another down to cells,

Lovers kiss while planning an introduction to Hell,

I don’t want to be Mister Wise planning my own demise,

There are greater ways than these to live


If tonight is the last night, lamp or a flashlight, did I help anyone see light?

If today is the last day, what have I done or said to help someone see Jesus?

Don’t look at me for perfection, you’re not going to get it, not going to see it.

Thoughts under construction, ways being renewed, bad habits removed.

Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks if I’m unable to stand on the last day.


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Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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