Script Of Vanity


Cares of this life jump on my back

Unwilling to allow peace can I ever relax

Worry sprinkled in abundance with unimportant facts

Nagging until my face is worn, sagging

Hope and peace plundered enemy laughing

Can you please explain exactly how this happens

Seeking control out of control nothing to hold

Vanity whirlwind I’m foolish in trying to mold

To my specifications perspective needs a prompt investigation

Meanwhile I stomp feet pouring time I shouldn’t be wasting


Martha and I so dizzy working ourselves into a tizzy staying busy

If life ends today what good is it really

Are we dumb foolish or wise silly

Jesus is speaking, I’m cold listening fears very chilly

I’m waking up to the mind throwing hypothetical situations days starting off hilly

Obligated to every second I’m shouting don’t bill me


Had to write before approaching the throne I wasn’t home

Reading scriptures eyes straight ahead mind gone

Vanity variables pressed into distraction twilight zone

Stability looked secure but materials painted styrofoam

Almighty God I’m glad you never leave or renounce

If I had to deal with me I’d straight-up bounce

Wouldn’t even say bye.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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