“Starting A Fire”

You ever think, “man, this is really trash. I’m going to post it anyway…”?

Well that’s what I’m thinking but it is important that I do this, so I will have confidence moving forward with better postings. Everything sounds good before the microphone is on or before the publish button is pressed. Many good times are had not because we were good at something but just getting out there and embarrassing ourselves. Uh, I think that’s what I mean to say.

The time I jumped off a bridge into a river when I couldn’t swim because my friends were doing it *eyeroll* was terrible but over 25 years later I still think about it. For better or worse. I must not take myself too serious, it results in crumpled faces and as an Introvert, I already look like the meanest person on Earth when in thought though I’m not thinking sinister things. Mom would be like, “Boy, fix your face!” and I would say oh I’m sorry I wasn’t here.

So time for the good part, the part where I share a clip of me half-heartedly singing poorly in full. So bad, I didn’t even listen to it after I recorded it. Why? Because I have a feeling that it will help me later. I was listening to something and ran away, far away, with it. There is a reason I like spoken word poetry, spoken. Music is poetry, so my poems often come to me in “song”. I think I’d rather just write lyrics for someone else. The idea of training my voice and actually trying sounds nice but I sigh and just do it in my head.

I’ll pray for you, you’ll need it for many reasons, some after listening to this.

I am not responsible for any damage to your ears, mood, livelihood, or any other dealings regarding your life if you choose to torture yourself by clicking the button, no one made you. Also, I think I need to get out of the house a little.



Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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