No lie July

I’m not ashamed to ask for your hand,

Please don’t be ashamed, holding mine,

As life gets colder, stay warm and fuzzy,

Under blankets of grace and mercy with me,

You better know how much I think of us,

You better know how much of God’s love I see in everything you do,

Even in bad days I, I’m grateful,

Yes, I, am so grateful.

We don’t listen, to the world’s advice,

We don’t listen, to heartless wolves salivating playing nice,

Praying, then prey when, they see God’s light in us,

Please don’t be ashamed of my eyes fixed upon our embrace,

Dance in cold rains, fully loved for who we are without fear,

Bake in the high sky sun, aware I’ve chosen to never run away.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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