1 Pillow Down

An empty bed, empty living room, empty house, walking circles until I settle down.

Plenty of calls can be made but no hands to hold, even in Summer it gets frigid so cold.

Snap, out of left and right ear whispers, I don’t need disturbances, swings, embarrassing misses, misleading messages pave fading kisses.


1 pillow

Stay away until this desire is exhausted, canceled, buried, put to rest, resting on peace.

I don’t want to swim in sin, lonely feelings shouldn’t and can’t win, my wants aren’t needs, changing winds,

Oh I don’t want to swim in sin, chasing hugs, an addictive drug, I, I should think of being loved by a human shrugging heartily in its absence.

They say they’re on the way but they never arrive, fairy tales bloom on paper never to thrive in real life, forgive my pessimism.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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