Garbage Post: Bitter Pea

Shouldn’t look at anyone because they won’t stay, plus life is safer waving from a distance minding my own business, adjusting analyzing resistance

Trees on this unknown path hide my existence while allowing sunlight to touch base, I seek God’s face while emotions give chase they annoy me still

Clear the jungle floor

Tired of how I’m perceiving, vain thoughts add vicious expectations leaving me bleeding, take away outer longings help me vacate anything outside of you, I want to stay under blankets until I’m well, is there anything I’m doing good or is all fail

Clear the jungle floor.

Oh God here I am pricing masks thinking one for work another for loved ones so they’ll get what they want while I’m engulfed in turmoil underneath

God, it’s you that works in me to both will and do of your good pleasure and I believe please help my unbelief, feels like I’m drowning underneath in a sea of razor-sharp barb wire teeth.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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