December In July Writing

My hopes were solid until I starting counting days apart it’s an art how I’m on hold less than silver or gold begging for bronze while days fade guess my heart has been played,

Ineligible to lay where we once laid choices made and obligations repetitive passing out figurative sedatives so I’ll ignore the cruelty thinking you’ll choose me as there are more important things to do while I wither never be a background object in the main picture.


Stripping my care it’s only fair how can I hope in bare minimum wages fleeting stages friendly loving pages without any action, faith without works is dead as you rest your head I’m also in bed wrestling dread,

Hanging by a moment here with you without a Lifehouse no anchor wash spin it’s dirty again you say I can leave, I’m hooked swear we’re united in God’s book shook when energy took unable to know the future what will the Rock cook look we’ll pray for a nook instead I’m alone while you’ll smile peacefully at a brook,

It’s snowing and I’m left without protection.


Closed blinds to find wisdom in God through God To God everything I do God is thanks to you and Jesus help me leave this road of swirls, twisting senses pretty pictures not meant for consumption always traveling leading to nothing isn’t it something running in circles mad at God then he whispers wrong track double back now I see where love is at react straight facts feed me dinner not snacks love in you,

I’m writing through December in July until I fly within your space erase any chasing satisfaction out of place taste better from the source instead of samples elsewhere, change my glare adjust my glance gird up my loins refuse to dance with temporary gains I stare at you now without complaints.


Because humans are fickle.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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