Garbage Post: Bringing You Up For Good

We write healing and light

To shine in forgotten places, on forgotten people

To everyone everywhere, we groan the same


Battling thoughts and suggestions

Swords against simulations in our heads

With promises of control sugar-coated lies lead us to cage doors

I don’t want to be left to myself

I’ve been alone with me and it’s not pretty


So I write to warn, I write to help you avoid pits

Sure I lack elegance but beloved, I care

Pens call, Jesus above all, when you get tired of falling in falls, you’ll know

I wept bitterly in my errors

Now I show some of mine to you, to bring you home


Writing to say when you are exhausted, we’ll bring you light in lines

We’ll bring you rope that will not burn your hands

Bringing you back up again

This time for good.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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