Emotion Dough

Emotions always rise

Background Eyes Back

Guarded, watchful, ain’t no telling if you’ll use me

The little bit I have gimme hands might wanna grab I’m just being cautious

Interest and enthusiasm look off and I can’t judge but gotta protect my heart

Don’t start saying I should know better by now when humans like ripping each other apart


I’m more like a side dish in your life say it ain’t right but lies

At best I’m like your favorite fries perhaps warm apple pie you are the reason for most of my sighs

Previously the reason for most cries but emotional living must die gotta replace affection Earth conquered with Heaven

Stern face but she says smile, I’m talking less but she asks what’s on my mind, want to draw closer but distance care, same time

Resentment and bitterness awaiting a missed step as I feel third place nicknamed inept, pointless in explaining how I feel as how I feel isn’t oftentimes real or the whole story

Is loving you a curse?


I understand waiting, timing a jump windows fading, obligations and dedication, wish I just could ignore this project assigned to test patience what can I do?

Take my eyes off you, take eyes off you, take my eyes back.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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