Garbage Post: 13 Gallon

Made a difference, tell me, before this final bell I can tell I’m not well smell sadness my decisions dead, bed calls tears fall without prescriptions look it’s sick I’m praying hearing echoes still won’t let go

Feel I’m flawed more than ever running loops sinister hoops my countenance droops all my prayer formula books broken, can’t see better days I’m out of tokens falling apart back to the dirt hurt what is the white room filled with tar, a warning


I’m reaching for faith while hearing abandoned mentioned beside my name, branch without the vine lame airball then finished stopwatch game, dry without God’s gift of blessed rain, please pray for a brother am I uncovered bald head with a sunroof in summer hair grease sizzling a bummer

God, you never leave or forsake, never relinquish, renounce, abandon, vacate, resign, quit, surrender, or roll your eyes at my cries, help me stay focused on the prize.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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