Fruity Flavored Childhood Medicine

Skilled at hiding behind previously opened doors, try the doorknob and it’s locked and I’m gone without notice I swear you’ll do the same to me,

I don’t trust people with much, time presents a record of disappointment wherever I hope perhaps cope slippery hands in mine,

The idea is beautiful, thoughts of someone down here I can trust, lines loaded, to write of our love but the ink keeps drying yeah dying so unbelievable.


See why I spread hearty doses of my medicine, still sick from childhood clueless regarding getting better when everyone proves me right,

Asking for God’s light if they’re things I can’t see, wouldn’t be the first time, tears kiss my face until they meet the waiting ground, buried like my emotions when I’m in town.


Don’t say it, prove it,

Oh Lord I get it now,

Don’t say it then do the opposite asking why nothing changes, where is the fruit we’ve been expecting?

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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