Harp At Dawn

Always negative even on clear nights, I prayed and found answers in trust, God controls all even slips and falls used for instruction so I’m checking the attitude, blessed and fortunate where I am.

Is it really poor when I can have everything I request in his will, still saying prayers in Jesus’ name learning to let go of my expectations, ignore instead of scratch itchy hesitations, my plans filled with glitches but God’s plans never hiccup so excuse my eye-rolling, I’m praying about it.


I don’t know tomorrow Mr. Anxiety, don’t even know the next second but I know I can’t live afraid of what if, a true bully, possibilities yeah odds scrambled we choose lots regardless give it all we got and pray for guidance without murmuring and complaining, self-improvement instead of shaming, more careful with my words I’ll start aiming stop blaming.

I don’t want to live afraid of life, bitter toward everyone because a beam in my eye blocked sight always exhausting living day to day in flight or fright dull light desiring direction for my feet holy bright even during night, I want change.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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