Grace In Times Of Need

It’s God working in me to both will and do of his good pleasure still I’m asking for double portions afraid I’m resistant

What if he’s been speaking but I’ve sleeping messages lost growth weakened I’m looking up while he’s looking down rightfully so what do I know guess I’m thinking of the last dragon glow

They say I don’t trust God, God, I don’t trust me

See I’ve been only consistent in being inconsistent surely you know my record stumbles in every step can’t even blame my feet

Nothing left and I feel shame when begging for help thinking I’m late still in first grade with repetition same mistakes stepping on rakes heart a dud or fake

God I believe please help my unbelief don’t want to wander in the wilderness half-asleep stuck on mountain peaks or in tough terrain without a range rover or jeep

Pray for me I’ll pray you above all respond to the call please God don’t let me drop the ball got a race to run can’t fall in Jesus’ strength I’m made tall without him can’t even crawl run head-first into walls enemies applause

God, thank you for your work.

Music that helps keep my mind on things above. Via Spotify.
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